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WMUB awards (4 in a series)

Logo08-200x99Once more, the news staff of the former WMUB has cleaned up in awards for work done in 2008. This time it’s the Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists. Here’s the list, as published this week in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

  • Tana Weingartner, WMUB-FM, for “Short Feature, Radio”
  • Gary Scott, WMUB-FM, for “Long Feature, Radio”
  • Cheri Lawson, WMUB-FM, for “Sports Coverage, Radio”, “Business Coverage, Radio” and “Public Affairs, Radio”

In other posts I’ve mentioned other awards the staff received from the Ohio Associated Press, Public Radio News Directors, and Ohio SPJ. That incarnation of the news team at WMUB was put together by John Hingsbergen and me following a 2004 consultation with Mark Moran of KBAQ in Phoenix.

With supervision from John, direction from Gary Scott and execution from Tana Weingartner and Cheri Lawson, that team has consistently won more awards than any other radio station in Ohio. (Not everyone on the team wants me to point that out, I should note).

Well done, colleagues.

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Logo08-200x99I’m extremely proud to have worked with the professionals at WMUB Public Radio, before Miami University ceased local operations of the station. This week we found out that the staff had won 17 awards for 2008  from the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists. That’s more than any other station in Ohio. Here’s the list:

Radio Winners
Smaller Markets (all others)

Best Consumer Reporting
FIRST: Healing Touch,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Continuing Coverage
SECOND: “Windstorm Aftermath,” News Team Staff, WMUB.

Best Enterprise Reporting
FIRST: “Fast Fungi,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: “Sewing for Soldiers,” Gary Scott, WMUB.

Best Feature Reporting
FIRST: “The Two Miamis: Neepwaantiiyankwi,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: “Model T Party,” Gary Scott, WMUB.

Best General Assignment
FIRST: “Palin in West Chester,” Tana Weingartner, WMUB.

Best Health Care Feature Reporting
FIRST: “Threshold Choirs,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.
SECOND: “Healing Touch,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Medical/Health Reporting
FIRST: “Alternative Healthcare,” Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best Minority Issues Coverage
FIRST: “WMUB Forum: Proposition 8 Protest,” Gary Scott and John Hingsbergen, WMUB.

Best Spot News
SECOND: “Palan Announcement Reax,” Tana Weingartner and Heather Reed, WMUB.

Best Anchor
SECOND: Body of work, Cheri Lawson, WMUB.

Best News Operation
FIRST: Body of work, News Team, WMUB.

Best Public Affairs Program
FIRST: “WMUB Forum: Year in Review,” Gary Scott and John Hingsbergen, WMUB.

Best Reporter
FIRST: Body of work, Tana Weingartner, WMUB.
SECOND: Body of work, Gary Scott, WMUB.

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WMUB staff

WMUB staff

On the final day for the WMUB staff 6/30/09, we threw a picnic at Peffer Park in Oxford. Our former news director Darrel Gray brought a camera, so here we are, L-R:

  • Gary Scott
  • Jim Haskins
  • John Hingsbergen
  • Darlene Chafin
  • Cleve Callison
  • Tana Weingartner*
  • Darrel Gray
  • Dalia Garcia*
  • Jim Keen
  • Debbie Ramsey*

*The Doopy-Doop girls

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RWK04-2Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 will be the final day for the remaining staff of WMUB. (Follow the WMUB category for other posts in this series.)

A couple of the staff have found jobs; some are retiring; and others are still looking. The picture is a typical WMUB live remote — this one from a Red, White & KaBOOM! Independence Day celebration in Fairfield, OH a few years ago. L-R, Cheri Lawson, Jay Hingsbergen, Ben James, Tana Weingartner and John Hingsbergen.

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Lorain, 1908

Lorain, 1908

On June 28, 1924, the deadliest tornado in Ohio’s history struck Lorain, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie. Here’s WMUB’s Ohio Bicentennial Minute and a Wikipedia article.


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Cleveland Press graphic

On June 25, 2003, WMUB broadcast an Ohio Bicentennial Minute on Dorothy Fuldheim. She was the first woman anchor on television news in America, on WEWS in Cleveland, OH. Click on her photo to link to the Wikipedia article, and click on the Ohio Bicentennial Minute logo to hear the audio.


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TSMmediaThe Tri-State Media Watch blog has a wrap-up of awards won recently by the former WMUB, for work done in 2008:

This has been sitting in the email box for a bit…

We got all of this via email from Friend of TSMW John Hingsbergen, the “Program Director in Exile” of WMUB-FM 88.5/Oxford (which now is a repeater of WVXU 91.7/Cincinnati).

WMUB received a whole mess of awards at two different ceremonies recently. The first list is from the Public News Directors, Inc. the weekend of 6-13/14, in what they call Division C (those with only 1-2 full time news staff):

[read the full article]

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WMUB, 1950-2009: #1 in a series

Logo08-200x99Miami University’s late lamented WMUB Public Radio traces its ancestry to returning WWII vets in the 1940’s who began experimenting with radio signals — AM, carrier current and others, legal and otherwise. Its formal ancestry as an FM station dates from February, 1950, when the FCC granted Miami a license at 88.5. For 59 years WMUB served the campus, the region around southwestern Ohio, and the nation with public radio, beginning as a student lab station and moving through fully professional operation.

Citing a $22 million dollar budget deficit for Miami in fiscal 2010, in February 2009 the administration signed an agreement giving operational control of the station to Cincinnati Public Radio, parent of WVXU-FM and WGUC-FM. Local origination from the Oxford campus ended on February 28, 2009. June 30th, 2009 will be the last day on duty for the former WMUB staff and many others ate Miami. The WMUB facilities will be dismantled shortly thereafter.

As outgoing General Manger, I’m immensely proud that the station is going out of existence on a high note. In May 2009 the news department received seven awards for 2008 work from the Ohio Associated Press — more than any public station in Ohio. In June 2009 we learned that the department had received seven national awards from the Public Radio News Directors, Incorporated. No station in the US earned more.

Between now and June 30th I’ll publish a series of posts about WMUB.

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Logo08-200x99Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep — something that’s happened more than once lately. This time was a little different, because what kept running through my mind was a line of poetry — just four words, actually.

Read the full story.

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