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Yes, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at an 11:30 am show today. Curiously, there were only 5 people in the theater. I really debated as to whether I wanted to see it in 3D or not.

The problem with most of the 3D movies I’ve seen is that the technology doesn’t mix well with the type of hyper-fast edits that most movies use today. When each frame moves an object 10 feet or more in front of you, the movement scrambles the brain’s 3D wiring.  Or my brain’s, anyway.

That was certainly true for every single one of the 3D trailers I had to sit through today. I was not impressed. Or maybe it’s just the projection method. U2 3D was terrific in Imax, not so good in standard 3D.

But HPDH2 made very effective, and subtle, use of 3D. Much better than in an earlier film (Half-Blood Prince), where you kept the glasses off for most of the film and put them on at the end. This one is 3D all the way through. Under David Yates’ direction, the cinematography by Eduardo Serra is incredibly rich. For once, the 3D actually helped make me feel as if I was there.

It’s a great ending to a great series, both of books and movies. I was exhilarated.

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I’m in the city where the Ashley and the Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a scene along Rainbow Row. It’s starting to get a little busy here but not terrible. I’m not quite a tourist, since I’m here for a shape-note singing, but close enough.

Oddly enough, leaf blowers are in full force. (Live oaks drop their leaves in the spring). It’s a beautiful day, flowers in bloom, lunch at Gaulart & Maliclet. Not bad at all.

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Update afterward: A beautiful day and a very moving ceremony. Named for Samuel Lee Gravely, first African-American officer, skipper, admiral,  & commander of a fleet. His widow was present along with a host of military & other dignitaries.

This is quite a ceremony.

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I’m crossing the Cape Fear River right now.

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Nice dockside place for an evening meal. Full disclosure: none of these boats is mine.

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Sunday morning view from my new apartment. Earl’s brush lowered the humidity and the temperature. That’s Spanish moss on live oaks in the background. Very nice.

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Moving to NC

Bye, Cincy pals. Enjoy Reds taking World Series in 6.

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