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Since moving to Cincinnati we’ve made occasional efforts to replicate some of the kinds of Southern plantings we were used to (azalea and dogwood in SC, rhododendron and mountain laurel in the NC mountains). Mostly these attempts have not been successful. A few people north of the Ohio do have azaleas, but there are more across the river in Kentucky. Our hypothesis is that the soil in our yard is not acidic enough, so Jenny has been adding coffee grounds.

Finally we had nice blooms on a few struggling rhododendra this year. I hope this is a sign of another good spring, and more to come.

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I was making a late lunch today and saw this bright prismatic image on a cabinet. It was coming off our glass-topped stove, but originated from the afternoon sun hitting a 3-sided little flower vase in the window sill. The image only lasted a few minutes, so I grabbed my cell phone to take this photo. This doesn’t quite do justice to how vivid it was, even if only briefly.

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Winter snow

from the front porch

Cincinnati got hit with just the right amount of snow yesterday, and at just the right time – late on a Friday night. Many people left work an hour or two early, but it didn’t really start accumulating until after dark.

The winter storm warning is due to expire at 6 pm Saturday, but as of noon it looks as if all the precipitation has essentially stopped. There is (or was) a snow emergency, I suppose to keep traffic off the road. But I hear a good bit of it at 12:40 Saturday. Still, we’re encouraged to shovel out today, because it’s going to get colder and stay that way.

I’m sorry for my sister Jean in the Blue Ridge mountains. They’re getting a ton of it, just one of many storms this winter that keep her snowed in. She uses a wood stove for heat and has a generator to keep her well pump from freezing. Talk about resilience.

But here: No traffic. No reason to go out (unless we want to – maybe we’ll go bring in some firewood from the pile). By tomorrow, and certainly by Monday, the roads should be OK. Our city of Wyoming does a great job with street cleaning if we need it. Our tax dollars at work.

This is about the only thing that’s good about my not working in radio right now. I’m not thinking “We’d all better get to the station and keep it on the air.” I’m listening to Van Morrison and the Chieftains. Surfing the web. Baking bread. Taking photos. Thinking about, but not yet, shoveling the driveway. Not a bad day.

Here’s a short photo gallery. Technically these are in color, but I really like the almost-monochromatic look.

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Morning fog

We’ve had a little bit of snow on the ground in Cincinnati for a few days, but warm temperatures melted most of it yesterday. The air must have been really saturated, because this morning we woke up to this fog.

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IMG_0893A view from our deck.

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IMG_4304Man, I can’t wait for our annual trip to (name withheld for security reasons, except to say that this photo’s location is in North Carolina, looking into Tennessee). I will not think about this blog the entire weekend, and here’s why.

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I saw this outside our bathroom window this morning. At first I thought “How did a CD get into our neighbors’ tree?” Then I realized it is a perfectly consistent, concentric spider web. I grabbed our camera and took a shot in the few minutes remaining for the sun to backlight it.

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