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We got through Hurricane Irene in pretty good shape, all in all. There was a lot of wind and rain from the storm, which made its closest approach to Wilmington (about 80 miles) in the middle of Friday night/Saturday morning August 26/27. But there was little real damage compared to what was feared.

We went to bed Saturday night with strong winds and rain, and woke to calm blue skies. The photo, from the Wilmington StarNews online, is from an area not too far from both the apartment and the rented house we’ll move to in a couple of weeks.

The biggest problem for most people was probably loss of power. At one point early Saturday Progress Energy was reporting that over 50% of customers in New Hanover County were without power. We were without power at the apartment for something less than 24 hours (I was at WHQR, on the air, for much of that time). But we got power back at about 10 pm Saturday. Cable came back this morning, and Internet service a bit later.

This was my first hurricane. To tell the truth, we’ve seen more problems in Cincinnati with the Hurricane Ike windstorm and some blizzards. But we were lucky — hurricanes are frightening, and many people in Irene’s path weren’t so fortunate.

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Not me! Here’s proof, from my office window. The city is pretty much shut down today. Typically these don’t stick — they tell me — but precipitation is supposed to last a while and it’s not going to get much if any above freezing.

Still much less than Cincinnati, though.

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Well, Helen and T.C.’s little boy made the news again. The Wilmington Star-News did a profile of me in today’s paper, complete with a picture that looks like I’m trying out for “WHQR 3-D”. Here ’tis.

Wilmington has definitely exceeded my expectations. I went to a rather glittering banquet last night for the Willie Stargell foundation, which raises money for kidney dialysis care at Cape Fear Regional Medical Center here in Wilmington. Stargell of course was a legendary player for the Pittsburgh Pirates who died of kidney failure; his widow Margaret is from Wilmington.

Thanks to her dynamite family and friends (probably a couple of hundred), they had a great turnout. Everywhere you looked there was a sports legend. I had a nice conversation with the great ex-Pirate pitcher Kent Tekulve, who was at my table. It’s been a while since I went out in public in a tux, out of consideration for the public weal.

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Here in Wilmington we have been soaked, drenched, waterlogged, sodden and just plain wet all week. Over 20 inches have fallen since Monday of this week — as much as typically hits during a serious hurricane. Water Street, one block from the WHQR offices, was flooded on Thursday. Two of WHQR’s crackerjack reporters, Michelle Bliss and Rod McClain, filed stories with NPR about the flooding.

But today the skies are clearing, the river is full, Riverfest starts this weekend and the beaches are not too crowded with turistas. Here’s a very nice article about me by Bob Workmon in Wilmington’s Beat magazine. Bob’s a great radio guy and a great writer guy as you can see — in short, a great guy in all respects.

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from capefearcoast.com

Wilmington, day -17:

Updated 8/18/10 with new photo:

The battleship USS North Carolina is moored in the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC.

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