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Our French meal, part 1:

With friends visiting from NC, we saw “Julie and Julia” last night. So we decided to do a meal based on Julia’s book. Here are the baguettes (part 1).


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Scott's Bar-B-Cue (NYTimes Interactive)

Scott's Bar-B-Cue (NYTimes Interactive)

OK, here it is. Look no further, O seekers of barbecue. Watch, listen, and learn.

  1. Barbecue is a noun, not a verb
  2. It’s pork. That’s all. Just pork.

Everyone all clear now?

The tagline for this NYTimes Interactive piece is “Slow-smoking whole hogs over hardwood coals, Scott’s Variety Store and Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, S.C., offers all the rural tropes of a signal American barbecue joint.”

Amen, brother.

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five_guys_logoFor many East Coasters, the Holy Grail of burgerdom is to be found at Five Guys. For those in the West, Nirvana is located at In-n-Out. I have had both, and in order to preserve my future political viability, I hereby give no preference. I’ve had both, and I can say that each party has respectable claims.

top_store_2In-n-Out has a slight edge in the funky T-shirt category, however.

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