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Maybe not.

I don’t care.

I want one.

I tried to put an iPad through its paces at my local Apple store. I am doing an increasing number of presentations, and something about using this sleek little hunk o’ user-friendliness was singing to me. I don’t have the unencumbered cash now, but here are my impressions:

Maybe not (see this post from The Speed of Creativity blog):

  • You have to purchase a video-out adapter, so you’re tethered to the projector and can’t walk around. I’m not aware of a remote control such as can be used by a laptop.
  • The version of Keynote used by the iPad apparently differs from that in the Mac OS. For example, you can’t (or with great difficulty) embed videos; hyperlinks may be problematic; the font set may not be compatible; themes aren’t quite the same.


  • I WANT one. Really.

My overall impression is that the iPad is not a smaller laptop, as I had hoped, but a larger iPod Touch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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