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October 23, 4004 BC (or BCE) was the day the earth was created, according to the eminent scientist Church of Ireland Bishop James Ussher (1581 – 1656).

Today only fringe groups like Young Earth Creationists would take this literally, but as his Wikipedia article notes, “… in Ussher’s time such a calculation was still regarded as an important task, one previously attempted by many Post-Reformation scholars, such as Joseph Justus Scaliger and physicist Isaac Newton.”

So hoist a beverage and sing Happy Birthday today.

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Our son John the opera singer sent us three recordings he made recently at the University of South Carolina. I think they’re the best he’s ever recorded.

They are:

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Update and clarification: This story in the Wilmington Star-News refers to WHQR being “overpowered” by the TimeWarner/Ch. 14 team. We won because they were disqualified when their anchor turned around and started pulling forward, which is not allowed. Hey, just setting the record straight.
‘Nother update: here’s a slide show of the festivities.

First: three of WHQR’s reporters had Wilmington flood stories on NPR newscasts this week — Michelle Bliss, Rod McClain and Duncan McFadyen (Duncan’s first NPR story). All 3 are under 30. Wow, what a great staff we have here!

Second: The first Wilmington Riverfest Tug-of-War for charity was won today by none other than Team HQR (the Hind-Quarter Removers). We had to overcome strong moves by the team from “The Bone”, TimeWarner Cable and a ringer group of Wilmington firefighters.

Thas right. We bad.

Yours truly was the anchor guy and I took one for the team. Actually I took two for the team, because the TimeWarner guys pulled me into the soapy-water filled swimming pool. Twice.

We won $400 which we will be donating to charity. Each of us will name a charity, and WHQR listeners will vote for their favorites. (Photos: Mary Bradley)

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Here in Wilmington we have been soaked, drenched, waterlogged, sodden and just plain wet all week. Over 20 inches have fallen since Monday of this week — as much as typically hits during a serious hurricane. Water Street, one block from the WHQR offices, was flooded on Thursday. Two of WHQR’s crackerjack reporters, Michelle Bliss and Rod McClain, filed stories with NPR about the flooding.

But today the skies are clearing, the river is full, Riverfest starts this weekend and the beaches are not too crowded with turistas. Here’s a very nice article about me by Bob Workmon in Wilmington’s Beat magazine. Bob’s a great radio guy and a great writer guy as you can see — in short, a great guy in all respects.

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