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I’m crossing the Cape Fear River right now.

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Here’s a photograph outside my office window. That’s the Cape Fear River in the distance.

Best office view I’ve ever had.

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Nice dockside place for an evening meal. Full disclosure: none of these boats is mine.

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Sunday morning view from my new apartment. Earl’s brush lowered the humidity and the temperature. That’s Spanish moss on live oaks in the background. Very nice.

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Moving to NC

Bye, Cincy pals. Enjoy Reds taking World Series in 6.

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Not as bad as it looks

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Wilmington, Day -2:

Follow the red arrow to see where I’m heading for my new job, starting tomorrow morning: Cincinnati to Wilmington, NC. The big carousel there is Hurricane Earl.

However, it’s expected to veer north. The NC Outer Banks is being evacuated (sorrry, Rich and Susan) and Wilmington is not supposed to be hit directly. We’ll see.

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